Risk Management, Safety and Compliance

FPM Landscapes values a safe and healthy workplace. We ensure that our employees and subcontractors are dedicated to a process of planning and preparation, which identifies and mitigates risk to all personnel, operations, physical assets, the environment and the community.

We also ensure human, financial and technological resources are provided for the active management and maintenance of the Health and Safety Management System, aligned with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001. We demonstrate leadership and health and safety responsibilities by actively fostering the principles of:


Personal Responsibility

As individuals, we are all personally responsible for complying with applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation, regulations and standards, the FPM Landscapes HSEQ Management System and the HSEQ requirements of our clients during the performance of every work function or activity.


At all levels in our organisation we pursue continual improvement leading to enhanced HSEQ performance and the achievement of established targets and objectives.

Risk Management
As an integral part of our business, we apply sound risk management principles, and allocate sufficient time and resources to effectively identify, control and eliminate or mitigate workplace hazards that may cause injury and illness.

Learning Culture
We actively promote open communication and continuous learning based on employee input, comprehensive investigation and the provision of ongoing training and information on HSEQ matters. Organisational and personal growth is achieved through continual education, collective vigilance and shared knowledge and experience.

One Consistent Approach
We continuously develop the Business processes and tools within the Management System, which are aligned with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001, and apply these consistently across all our operations

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